Our clients are professionals, business owners, high net wealth families and self-funded retirees. Common characteristics of our clients are:

  • Motivated and successful in their professional / business life
  • Lacking time and direction to achieve their dreams in their personal lives
  • Want the assistance of a trusted professional to help them to create and protect wealth for their family

In increasing order of complexity, our clients typically fall into one (or more) of the following categories:


A number of our clients are employees who are primarily interested in owning their own home, protecting their family against illness and injury and wealth creation for a comfortable retirement.


We specialise in providing financial advice to professionals including Executive and Non-Executive Directors, CEO’s and CFO’s of listed and unlisted companies, Partners in Accounting and Law firms and Medical Professionals.  These clients typically need additional advice around salary packaging, performance share schemes and asset ownership strategies to protect their family and increase tax flexibility.

Business owners

We provide financial advice to over 60 business owners with businesses as diverse as advertising, architecture book-keeping, construction, engineering, entertainment, finance, marketing, property development, mining, recruitment and IT to name a few. In addition to the above services, business owners often require Business Ownership, Control and Succession Strategies (planned and unplanned), Business Finance Advice and regular Tax Planning Advice.

High Net Wealth Families

We have a number of High Net Wealth Families which require bespoke investment and intergenerational wealth management and estate planning services.

Self-funded retirees

We have specialist technical expertise in self-managed super funds which is a primary focus for many of our pre and current self-funded retiree clients.

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